Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Tuesday 2nd December
D-AIDL    A321            Lufthansa              ...
HA-LKG    B737-8          Travel Service         TVS4925               F/V
VQ-BTD    B737-8          Pobeda                 AFL7617 dep 1217

CS-DLG   Falcon 2000EX    Net Jets               NJE794A/740G (1005/1610)
G-IOMC   Premier 1        RB209 IOM Ltd          BOO498 (1540/1648)
G-LEAI   Citation 510     London Executive       LNX62LE arr 1544
G-WVIP   Beech 200        Capital Air Charter    EGL49H dep 1835
M-ATEX   Falcon 900EX     Maritime Investments   arr 0825 dep 1220     F/V  
N59TF    Citation 680     Wilmington Trust Corp  ...
N607CV   Gulfstream 550   Covidien Flight        dep 1955
N702TY   Gulfstream 5     WFBN NA Trustee        arr 2040
N788MM   BD.100           Aircraft Guaranty Corp arr 1826
N880CC   CL.605           Integrated Mgmt Svcs.  arr 2220
9A-DWA   Citation 525A    Win Air                arr 1135 dep 1310

Aeroflot's 737 departed to Moscow-SVO after painting in Pobeda colours.
Due to a strike by pilots all Lufthansa flights have been cancelled and their A321 is parked on the west apron.  The Travel Service 737 is due later this evening on a charter from Kalamata, Greece. 

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