Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tuesday 28th August
C-FTLK    B737-8           Sunwing                TOM1272
C-FYLC    B737-8           Sunwing                TOM
D-AEAL    A300             EAT Leipzig            BCS020D
D-AEAQ    A300             EAT Leipzig            dep 1442
EI-ECX    A319             Windjet                dep 1541
EI-EUS    A320             RayaJet                arr 1433
ER-AXV    A320             Air Moldova            MLD863/4
F-GYAR    A321             Air Mediterranée       BIE2724
HB-JVC    FK-100           Helvetic               OAW9510/8411

CS-DUD    Hawker 750       Net Jets               NJE823P dep 1455
D-CFXJ    Citation 525B    Fairjets               FJE7584/5 (F/V)
EI-MED    Citation 550     Aeromedevac            .....
G-CGNP    EMB-500          Flairjet               FLJ130A
G-IPAX    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation       .....
G-JTNC    Citation 500     Eurojet Aviation       GOJ528C/D
M-EVAN    BD.100           M.Evans                arr 1143 dep 1522
M-YBJK    Gulfstream 550   D.O'Brien              dep 1140 arr 1850
N676RW    Gulfstream 550   TVPX                   arr 1830 dep 1935
N1868M    BD.700           Metropolitan Life      .....

Eirtech Aviation continue to receive EAT A300s for painting in DHL colours with D-AEAL arriving this morning from Lepizig to replace D-AEAQ which departed in the afternoon.  Former Spanair A320 EI-EUS arrived back from Shannon where it had been painted in the colours of RayaJet.
The ex Windjet A319 departed to Bangor using it's reg as callsign. 

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