Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wednesday 22nd August
C-FMWY    B767             Air Canada           ACA894/5
C-FTLK    B737-8           Sunwing              TOM452/3
C-FYLC    B737-8           Sunwing              TOM
D-AFKA    FK-100           Contactair           DLH3470/1 (1st visit)
N245AY    B767             US Airways           AWE724/5
N14120    B757             United Airlines      UAL126/7
4X-BAU    B757-3           Arkia                AIZ921/2

CS-DUC    Hawker 750       Net Jets             dep 2030

EI-MED    Citation 550     Aeromedevac          HYR55A
G-NUDD    EMB-500          Flairjet             arr 2015
G-SONE    Citation 525A    CJ 525 Ltd           CLF886
M-LJGI    Falcon 2000EX    L.Goodman            dep 0750
M-RKAY    Premier 1        Sunseeker Aviation   arr 1505
N10HZ     Falcon 900EX     Hertz                ...
N921WC    Falcon 900EX     Warner Chilcott      dep 0725
XA-DAK    Hawker 800XP     .....                arr 1455

As well as being on its first visit Contactair's FK-100 was one of three airliners in today wearing the "Star Alliance" scheme (the others were the Air Canada 767 and United's 757).  US Airways used a 767 on the Charlotte service in place of the more usual 757.

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