Friday, March 23, 2018


Friday, 23rd March

A7-ACH   A330-202          Qatar Airways           QTR3251        arr 0655 F/V
EI-FJW   B737-8            Norwegian               IBK8922/8471               EI-GJG   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR442/12QU    (in service)
F-GTAJ   A321              JOON                    AFR369V            dep 1315
F-GTAM   A321              JOON                    AFR367V            dep 1331
G-UJET   Learjet 45        Capital Air Ambulance   EGL112             dep 0920
N41GJ    Learjet 36A       Global Jetcare          N41GJ                    
N159JA   Gulfstream 550    EBAY Inc                N159JA             dep 0903
N449C    Agusta 109S       Fawkes Inc Trustee      N449C                   F/V
N796UA   B777              United Airlines         UAL2809            arr 1300
N33103   B757              United Airlines         UAL126/2756              
OO-SKY   Citation 525A     Abelag Aviation         AAB461                    
OY-JJN   Citation 501      Sun-Air Scandinavia     SUS003A                 F/V
SE-RMR   Citation 560XL    Bluelink Jet AB         BLJ54Z                    

The Qatar A330 arrived from Doha on return to lessor.  It is due to be leased to Aer Lingus as EI-GEY following painting.  The two Joon A321s departed to Paris-CDG after painting in Hangar 3.  United's 777 positioned in from Frankfurt to operate an extra sector to Washington-Dulles tomorrow.

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