Tuesday, November 22, 2016


                           Tuesday 22nd November         
EI-FTH   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR101V           dep  1648
G-BIKX   B757F             DHL Air                 BCS2886/2883           

C-GLPP   Challenger 604    Flightpath Charter A/w  C-GLPP            dep  1519
CS-DFG   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets Europe         NJE057C/996W      1440/1601
CS-DXP   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE065E/255T    d0812 a1920
D-CBAY   Citation 680      Voyage Air              D-CBAY            arr  1733
D-CEFD   Citation 525A     E-Aviation              EFD333            arr  1650
G-YEDC   Citation 525B     Air Charter Scotland    EDC917            1220/1408
M-DMBP   Learjet 40        Ven Air                 M-DMBP            dep  0850
M-LJGI   Falcon 7X         Ven Air                 M-LJGI          d0818 a1232
N288ZJ   BD.700            Zetta Jet               N288ZJ        F/V arr  1009
N440QS   Gulfstream 450    NJI Sales               N440QS            dep  1423
N588MM   BD.700            Aircraft Guaranty Corp  N588MM            arr  1713
N750GF   Citation 750      S'Porter Air Inc        N750GF            1240/1617
N903TC   Gulfstream 450    Tesoro Aviation Co      N903TC            1150/1307
N988MM   Citation 525B     Nordic Aviation Capital N988MM            arr  1055
OE-FZD   Citation 510      Globe Air               GAC644D           dep  1837
OE-FLG   Citation 525      Smartline Luftfahrt     OE-FLG            arr  1350
OE-GDM   Citation 560      Flying Bulls GmbH       OE-GDM        F/V 0848/1730
9H-VTC   Global 5000       VistaJet                ...               .... ....

Ryanair's new 737 entered service on flight FR211 to Stansted.  
The DHL 757 hasn't visited for quite some time.  It was originally delivered to British Airways in 1986 and was a regular visitor on the Heathrow route.  On 29/06/89 it became the first airliner to land on Dublin's new runway 28.  It was sold to European Air Transport in March 2002 (as OO-DPJ) and converted to a freighter at Tel Aviv.  It moved on to the German register (as D-ALEI) in March 2010 and reverted to it's UK registration in November last year. 

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