Friday, April 1, 2016


                           Friday 1st April          
EI-FHS   B737-8            Norwegian               IBK494/495  F/V           
EI-FRB   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR65KP/67    (in service)
EI-FRC   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR800C     F/V (delivery)
EI-XLE   B747-4            Rossiya                 SDM5402          dep  1517
G-FDZR   B737-8            Thomson Airways         TOM408/70K/2DJ            
OY-RUG   ATR-72            Danish Air Transport    opf Stobart Air           
SE-RJI   BAe146            Malmo Aviation          SCW8606/90X F/V           

B-8259   Gulfstream 550    Capital Aviation        B-8259           ...      
C-GWLI   Challenger 604    IMP Group               C-GWLI           dep  1738
CS-DXK   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE821P/495R     1420/1825
CS-DXX   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE301T/246N     1645/1820
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky             HYR75X           dep  0900
G-XSTV   Citation 560XL    Arena Aviation          REN22            dep  1313
M-DMBP   Learjet 40        Ven Air                 M-DMBP           dep  0825
N588MM   BD.700            AGCT                    N588MM           dep  1714
N988MM   Citation 525B     AGCT                    N988MM           dep  1717
OO-SKY   Citation 525A     Abelag Aviation         AAB737           0855/1858
9H-VFE   Challenger 605    VistaJet                ...              ...      

Congratulations to Ryanair on the delivery of their 400th brand new Boeing 737-8AS today - what an amazing achievement by the company!
Who would have believed in March 1999 (when their 1st series 800 was delivered) that they would become the largest operator of the type. 

Meanwhile, EI-FRB entered service this morning on flight FR664 to Birmingham but the return leg (FR665) diverted to Shannon due to extensive holding delays for the approach to runway 16.  The former Transaero 747 departed to Moscow Vnukovo after painting into Rossiya's smart new livery.   


  1. Thanks Gerry for that very interesting fact re Ryanair.

  2. Who would have believed it when they just had two HS748s!
    Am I showing my age here?