Sunday, March 20, 2016


Sunday 20th March
D-AGEU   B737-7            Germania                GMI357           arr  1936
D-AILT   A319              Lufthansa               (parked on west apron)    
EI-EPT   A319              Vueling Airlines        EIN2647          arr  2043
G-FBEH   EMB-195           Flybe                   BEE082P/8002              
G-TAWS   B737-8            Thomson Airways         TOM46M/8PW/4JE/1PB        
N14121   B757              United Airlines         UAL23/2182                
N18119   B757              United Airlines         UAL22                     

CS-DQB   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE230C          arr  1651
CS-DUG   Hawker 750        Net Jets Europe         NJE743F/905G     0925/1134
CS-DXS   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE850U          dep  1154
CS-DXX   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         NJE833L/841H     0915/1153
CS-GLE   BD.700            Net Jets Europe         NJE997W/011T     1005/1212
D-CCCA   Learjet 35A       Jet Executive           JEI...           arr  2245
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky             HYR75X           1435/1505
F-GOPM   Falcon 20         Aero Vision             AOV565           dep  1028
F-HJFG   EMB-505           GDP Vendome SARL        F-HJFG         d1247 a1305
HB-IGI   Falcon 900        CAT Aviation            ...              ...  ....
N626JE   Gulfstream 5      Henn Leasing II LLC     ...              ...  ....
OE-GDA   Citation 560XL    Europ Star Aircraft     ESQ101       F/V arr  2035
9H-VCD   BD.100            VistaJet                VJT432C          dep  1549

The Aer Lingus A319 arrived from Ostrava this evening where it had been painted in Vueling colours.  Lufthansa's A319 is parked on the west apron since last night. It departed for Frankfurt on flight LH981 but was  forced to return for an emergency landing immediately after take-off - apparently due to a bird strike.  The French Phenom also had to return after take-off today due to a pressurisation problem.

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