Monday, February 1, 2016


Monday 1st February
A7-AAH   A340              Qatar Amiri Flight      QAF10            arr  1825
G-EUUF   A320              British Airways         (parked; arrived Sun 31st)
G-OBYH   B767              Thomson Airways         TOM433           0845/1035

CS-DRY   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets Europe         NJE742L/691U     1100/1243
CS-DUE   Hawker 750        Net Jets Europe         NJE959B          arr  1950
D-ANGB   Challenger 604    MHS Aviation            MHV614       F/V arr  1238
D-IPCG   Cessna 425        Aerowest                D-IPCG       F/V 0330/0450
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky             HYR75X           dep  0930
N1TT     Gulfstream 450    TRT Leasing             EJM9             arr  2206
N936MP   Gulfstream 450    936MP LLC               EJM936           arr  2159

Thomson's 767 dropped in this morning while en route from Puerta Plata to Stockholm - possibly on a fuel stop. The A340 visited before (January 2012) when it arrived for painting by Eirtech in full Qatar colours.  
Speedbird's A320 arrived on flight BA830 from Heathrow yesterday morning but presumably went tech and the return flight (BA845) was cancelled and the aircraft is still parked up at Terminal 1.

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