Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Tuesday 5th January
CS-TRN   B767              EuroAtlantic Airways    EIN128/990       1303/1442
G-GDFB   B737-3            Jet2                    EXS051F          arr  1328
G-GDFL   B737-3            Jet2                    EXS052H        d1545 a1708

CS-DKF   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets Europe         ...              ...  ....
CS-DXN   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe         ...              ...  ....
G-TWOP   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter  CLF271           dep  1509
G-UCAM   PA-31 Navajo      Woodgate Executive      CWY2102/3        1850/....
G-XLTV   Citation 560XL    Arena Aviation          REN2             dep  1403
G-ZEUZ   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter  CLF30            dep  1832
G-ZMED   Learjet 35A       Air Medical             MCD079           dep  0914
HB-VOU   Citation 560XL    ...                     ...              ...  ....
LX-LOE   Hawker 4000       Flying Group Luxembourg LX-LOE           dep  1300
SE-DDY   Citation 550      Scandinavia Airleasing  SE-DDY           1255/1543
9H-FWW   Premier 1         Europe Star Express     ESX151           arr  1248

EuroAtlantic's 767 was operating a flight from Toronto for Aer Lingus and it then positioned home to Lisbon.  The Jet2 737s are maintenance visitors with Dublin Aerospace, with one arriving from Newcastle today while the other went for an air test following it's overhaul.

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