Saturday, December 5, 2015


Saturday 5th December
D-CNAG   SA.227            BinAir                   BID5B
G-FBEN   EMB-195           Flybe                    BEE043W/6MA
G-FDZR   B737-8            Thomson Airways          ...                      
LY-MCA   ATR-72            Danu Oro Transportas     opf Stobart Air          

D-CHIO   Citation 525B     Eisele Flugdienst        EFD111          arr  2145
D-IMAX   Citation 525A     Sylt Air                 AWU905          arr  1720
9H-FGV   EMB-500           Luxwing                  ...             ...  ....
9H-OME   B737-5            Air X Charter            9H-OME          0935/1520
9H-VCC   BD.100            VistaJet                 ...             ...  ....
9H-VCJ   BD.100            VistaJet                 ...             ...  ....

It was a day of major disruption to flight schedules due to "Storm Desmond". 
Ryanair operations were particularly badly affected with almost their entire schedule being cancelled.  The Thomson 737 was due to operate a day charter to Rovaniemi but after a long period waiting at the runway holding point for an improvement in wind conditions it returned to stand - no doubt with a lot of disappointed families aboard. 

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