Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Tuesday 8th September
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM9HE/83D/17P
C-GUWJ   B737-7            Westjet                   WJA16/17
D-AEAG   A300F             EAT Lepzig                BCS2403/327P/328/2883
EC-LYR   B737-8            Air Europa                AEA293/4
EI-FGY   A319              BBAM                      EI-FGY         1210/1410
ET-ARF   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH505
G-FDZJ   B737-8            Thomson Airways           TOM9008/2AK/9AG/9009
G-SMLA   BAe146            Jota Aviation             CFE38X/75R
LX-LBA * B737-8            Luxair                    LGL7950
OK-TVU * B737-8            Smartwings                TVS4792/493F
OY-JRU * MD-87             Danish Air Transport      DTR4871
OY-LHD * A320              Danish Air Transport      DNU4861             F/V 
PH-HZO * B737-4            Transavia                 TRA8025;92
4L-TGS   CRJ-200           Georgian Airways          TGZ1673        dep  1238

C-FFBC   BD.100            Chartright Air            C-FFBC     F/V arr  0930
CS-DRX   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                  NJE830D/476W   1121/1314
D-IVIN   P.180 Avanti      AirGo Flugservice         XGO5DW/5SS     1215/2020
G-SPRE   Citation 550      Xclusive Jet Charter      XJC2           arr  1701
G-THFC   EMB-135BJ         London Executive          LNX84TC        1738/1830
M-ABEU   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR1           arr  2115
N10XG    Gulfstream 550    Bank of Utah Trustee      N10XG      F/V arr  1341
N352WB   Falcon 50         MNW Aviation              N352WB         dep  1030
N904G    Gulfstream 550    BAnk of Utah Trustee      N904G          arr  1135
N7600S   Falcon 900EX      SAS Institute Inc         N7600S         dep  1245
9H-BOO   CRJ-200           Air X Charter             9H-BOO         dep  1730
9H-VCB   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT412K        arr  1658

Quite a busy day with five charters (marked above with *) bringing delegates to Dublin for a conference.  Both the Danish aircraft are now parked on the west apron.  The Irish-registered A319 performed an air test this afternoon and went to Hangar 4 upon it's return.  Westjet's 737 arrived from St.Johns on schedule this morning but was later towed to remote parking on runway 29 and it eventually departed @ 2210.  

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