Saturday, February 28, 2015


Saturday 28th February
A6-AGA    A330            Etihad Airways          ETD41/48             F/V
A9C-HMK   B747-4          Bahrain Amiri Flight    BAH1 arr 1202
EI-FIC    B737-8          Ryanair                 RYR98EL dep 1344
EI-FID    B737-8          Ryanair                 RYR800D arr 1529     F/V
EI-RJZ    BAe146          Cityjet                 BCY9041 dep 1525
G-CELO    B737-3          Jet2                    EXS6026/111C
G-CELV    B737-3          Jet2                    EXS2103/2104
G-EMBI    EMB-145         BMI Regional            BMR8603
G-TAWA    B737-8          Thomson Airways         TOM1626/1627;3MH
OK-NEO    A319            Czech Airlines          ...
PH-MJP    Fokker 100      Greenland Express       DNM6191

CS-DLF    Falcon 2000EX   Net Jets                NJE710L/623R (1300/1435) 
CS-DQB    Citation 560XL  Net Jets                NJE242E/658R (1230/1430)
CS-DXK    Citation 560XL  Net Jets                NJE415L arr 2113
CS-DXN    Citation 560XL  Net Jets                NJE236M arr 1305
CS-PHA    EMB-505         Net Jets                NJE950P arr 1238
D-CDDD    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation             ...
G-CXLS    Citation 560XL  Aviation Beauport       AVB781 arr 1417
G-FRYL    Premier 1       Hawkair                 BOO848 arr 1320
G-JOTA    Beech 90        Jota Aircraft Leasing   ENZ928/928P (0705/0800)
G-KLNB    Beech 300       Saxonair                SXN35A arr 1527
G-ORTH    Beech 90        Gorthair Ltd            ENZ728 arr 1112      
G-RSXL    Citation 560XL  RSXL Management Co.     VCG883 (0035/0135)
G-SPUR    Citation 550    London Executive        LNX26PU arr 1120
G-XAVB    Citation 510    Aviation Beauport       ...
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                 RYR1 (1245/1345)
M-SPOR    Beech 200       Select Plant Hire Co    arr 1636
N310TK    Gulfstream 550  Alltech                 ...
N450GD    Gulfstream 450  Gulfstream Aerospace    arr 1620 (c/n 4308)  F/V
N517DW    Gulfstream 550  Colleen Corp            dep 1747
3A-MGA    Falcon 7X       Govt.of Monaco          arr 2040             F/V
9H-VCA    BD.100          VistaJet                ...

Bahrain's 747 arrived from Hamburg for the paint hangar. As it was only painted here in 2013 - presumably it's only in for a minor touch-up. 
Ryanair 737 EI-FID arrived on delivery from Boeing Field while EI-FIC went into service following it's arrival last Tuesday.  Cityjet's 146 departed to Cologne having spent several months in storage on their ramp.
Denim Air's FK-100, BMI's E145 and Jet2 737 G-CELO arrived with supporters for tomorrow's big rugby match between Ireland & England. 

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