Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tuesday 7th October
A6-ECL    B777-3          Emirates               UAE161/2
C-FEAK    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM5AD/1WP
EI-EMH    B737-8          Ryanair                RYR812(wingtip collision)
EI-EKK    B737-8          Ryanair                RYR042(wingtip collision)
EI-EUB    A320            Livingston             NLV903 arr 0015
EI-EWO    A320            Livingston             NLV902 (0150/1400)
EI-EXK    A320            Livingston             NLV901 (0232/1418)
G-EUYU    A320            British Airways        BAW84W/833

B-8280    Gulfstream 280  Mandarin Air           ...
C-GTJO    Challenger 604  Sunwest Aviation       ... 
CS-GLD    BD.700-6000     Net Jets               NJE288G dep 1652
D-BANN    BD.100          ...                    dep 1431              F/V
G-CGEI    Citation 550    S.Bond                 dep 1420
G-COBS    DA.42 Twin Star Cobham Flt.Inspection  CLB23 arr 2000
G-LEAX    Citation 560XL  London Executive       LNX63AX (1740/1822)
G-WIRG    EMB-135BJ       Air Charter Scotland   ...
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                dep 1500
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien              dep 0825
M-MSGG    Challenger 605  Tonya Ltd              arr 1011 dep 1808     F/V 
N395BC    Learjet 45      Teknon LLC             ...
N550WW    Gulfstream 550  Whitewave Equipment    arr 1015 dep 1307     F/V
N854SD    Gulfstream 4    JMTX Aviation          dep 1804
OY-JAI    Citation 500    Copenhagen Airtaxi A/S CAT210 dep 1300

The Livingston A320s arrived for return to lessor following the carrier's demise. EI-EUB entered the Dublin Aerospace hangar after arrival but the other two aircraft departed this afternoon bound for Casablanca. 
I've also listed the Ryanair 737s that were involved in a minor collision whilst taxying for take-off this morning.  The Emirates 777 and the BAW A320 are notable in that they were both making only their second visits. 

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