Friday, July 18, 2014


Friday 18th July
C-FEAK    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM4HB
D-AIPX    A320            Germanwings            GWI45R/82R
EC-LNC    B737-4          Alba Star              NLV1568
EI-EZL    A330            Meridiana              ISS7031 arr 1224      F/V
ES-AEB    EMB-170         Estonian Air           ELL8760/9760
G-EUYU    A320            British Airways        BAW84W/833            F/V
G-TAWB    B737-8          Thomson Airways        TOM9008;9BW/8VK;9009
G-ZAPX    B757            Titan Airways          AWC81B/81C
N951LR    CRJ-900         Mesa Airlines          dep 1455 (delivery)
TC-OBK    A321            Onur Air               OHY2151/2
TS-INH    A320            Nouvelair              LBT8260/1
9A-BTE    FK-100          Trade Air              TDR317 dep 0125

D-CAAE    Learjet 55      FAI Ambulance          IFA4783 arr 1725
D-CWIN    Citation 680    Eisele Flugdienst      ...
G-FLBK    Citation 510    Blink Ltd.             dep 1110
G-GZRP    PA-42 Cheyenne  Air Medical            ...
G-PSST    Hunter MK.58A   Heritage Aviation      "Flapjack 01" arr 1738
G-SENT    BD.700          Hangar 8               HGR869 dep 1125
G-SOAF    Strikemaster    Strikemaster Fly.Club  arr 1850              F/V 
G-THFC    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX85TC (1505/2310)
LN-DHY    DH Vampire FB6  Norwegian Historic Flt Vamp Blue 2 arr 2038  F/V  
LN-DHZ    DH Vampire T55  Norwegian Historic Flt Vamp Blue 1 arr 2038  F/V
M-CELT    Falcon 7X       D.Desmond              dep 0945
N2BD      Falcon 900      Franklin Lakes         dep 0717
N77UF     BD.700          F & L Aviation LLC     ...
N421QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI Sales              dep 2045
N455QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI Sales              ...
N768E     Challenger 604  State Farm Mutual Ins. ...
N769JW    Falcon 2000LX   Devon Realty Advisors  dep 1345
OY-GKJ    Falcon 2000EX   Air Alsie              MMD6194 (1926/2015)

The four vintage jets arrived to perform in next Sunday's Bray Airshow. 
Trade Air's FK-100 operated a charter with the Hajduk Split team who played Dundalk last night in the Europa League.  Meridiana's A330 arrived for handback to lessor after storage in Sardinia (it is still in basic Eurofly cls).  Finally, the last of the batch of Alitalia Cityliner CRJ-900s departed for the USA on it's delivery flight to Mesa Airlines.     

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