Monday, May 12, 2014


Monday 12th May
EC-LNC    B737-4          Alba Star              LAV8516/7
OE-LEZ    A321            Niki                   NLY128F/1291          F/V
OO-VLR    FK-50           Cityjet                BCY326/7;328/9
OY-VKG    A330            Thom.Cook Scandinavia  VKG9005/7005
SE-RDP    A321            Novair                 NVR9005 arr 0425
TC-VEL    A310F           ULS Cargo              KZU928 dep 0120

CS-DXT    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE725B arr 1755
D-CNNN    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            dep 0630
EI-WXP    Hawker 800XP    Westair                EFF008 (1505/1655)
G-CDLT    Hawker 800XP    Tesco Stores           a1258 d1325 a1610
G-FLYW    Beech 200       Fly Wales              PYN1
G-PEPI    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX35GP dep 1905
HB-JGQ    BD.100          Execujet Europe        arr 1834
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              dep 0855
M-TINK    Falcon 2000EX   Stark Ltd              dep 1055
N91LA     Gulfstream 550  Aviation Leasing Co    dep 1334              
N470EM    Hawker 800XP    KRMJ LLC               ...              
N888CE    Falcon 2000EX   Magic Carpet E'prises  dep 1210              
VT-CPA    Gulfstream 550  Poonawalla Aviation    ...

The Giro D'Italia cycle teams flew to Bari this morning aboard Thomas Cook Scaninavia's A330 & the Niki A321 while their equipment was transported on ULS Cargo's A310 which had arrived on Saturday.  Cityjet commenced a new twice-daily service from/to Cambridge using Fokker 50s.  Novair's A321 arrived for a maintenance check with Dublin Aerospace. 

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