Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thursday 13th June
C-FYLC    B737-8           Sunwing Airlines        TOM453;1464/5;1428
D-AEAJ    A300F            EAT Leipzig             (basic JAL colours)
LY-VEU    A319             Avion Express           ...
N175AN    B757             American Airlines       AAL290/1 (new service)
OY-RUB    ATR-72           Danish Air Transport    opf Aer Arann
RA-78816  IL-76            Russian Air Force       TTF9071 arr 1740    F/V

CS-DFV    Citation 560XL   Net Jets                NJE930T arr 1818
CS-DLC    Falcon 2000      Net Jets                ...
CS-DRF    Hawker 800XP     Net Jets                ...
D-AHRN    Falcon 900EX     Heron Luftfahrt         HRN512 arr 1350     F/V
D-CAPB    Citation 560     Aerowest                dep 1504
G-FBLK    Citation 510     Blink Ltd               dep ....
G-JBLZ    Citation 550     247 Jet                 TWF74 dep 1805
G-LEAX    Citation 560XL   London Executive        ...
G-MOSJ    Beech C90GTi     Moss Aviation           ENZ613 arr 1910
G-OIRP    IAI.1126         Air Charter Scotland    EDC868 dep 1754
G-THFC    EMB-135BJ        London Executive        ...
I-EPAM    Hawker 750       ..........              arr 1328            F/V
N86NP     Challenger 605   Nationwide Mutual Ins.  ...
N97NP     Challenger 605   Nationwide Mutual Ins.  ...
N254SD    Gulfstream 550   JMTX Aviation           dep 1105
N604BB    Challenger 604   MA Aviation             arr 1203
OE-GVG    Learjet 60       VistaJet                VJS701 (1030/1435)

Visits by IL-76s are rare events so the arrival of a Russian Air Force example is most welcome and I'm pretty certain its the first time one has ever visited Dublin.  It arrived from Belfast where it had dropped off limousines for the Russian delegation attending the G8 Summit.  On a more mundane level American Airlines launched their new service to New York-JFK. 

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