Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Tuesday 12th March
A9C-KI    A330-243         Gulf Air                GFA9909         F/V
A9C-KJ    A330-243         Gulf Air                GFA9911         F/V
D-AIZP    A320             Lufthansa               DLH4TN dep 0845
G-EUUK    A320             British Airways         BAW830/845/826 
G-EUUS    A320             British Airways         BAW836/7        F/V
G-EUUZ    A320             British Airways         BAW91E          
G-ZAPX    B757             Titan Airways           EIN1109/10E
OY-JTF    B737-3           Jettime                 SAS2537/8

The Gulf Air A330s stopped for fuel en route Lake Charles, Louisiana on return to lessor.  The Lufthansa A320 is their first aircraft to be fitted with 'sharklets' and it departed several hours later than scheduled( it arrived last night operating DLH982).
Titan's 757 positioned in to operate the afternoon New York JFK service as a couple of Aer Lingus A330s are currently unserviceable.

CS-DFR   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                arr 1345 dep 1600
CS-DFV   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                ...
CS-DTL   Learjet 45        Masterjet               ...
CS-DTM   Learjet 45        Masterjet               LMJ326 arr 1645
EI-MED   Citation 550      Xentra Pharm            ...
EI-RCG   Sikorsky S-61N    Irish Coast Guard       ...
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                 EFF010 arr 1903
EI-WXP   Hawker 800XP      Westair                 EFF008
G-CGNP   EMB-500           Flairjet                dep 1213
G-KLNE   Hawker 900XP      Saxonair                SXN90E (1040/1605)
G-SONE   Citation 525A     Centreline Charter      CLF425 (1230/1720)
G-THFC   EMB-135BJ         London Executive        ...
G-VECT   Citation 560XL    FlyVectra               VCG645 (0930/1020)
HB-JSM   Falcon 7X         .....                   dep 1931         F/V
I-KREM   Hawker 800XP      Interjet                dep 1500
LY-LTE   Beech 300         Danu Oro Transportas    dep 1343
N477QS   Gulfstream 4      Net Jets                ...
N546QS   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets                arr 1015
N906WK   Falcon 900        Kelloggs                arr 1725


  1. Gerry, what is the reason for the visit of the 2 Gulf Air A330-200?
    Ger Buskermolen
    The Netherlands

    1. Hi Ger,

      they were on a tech stop while routing to Lake Charles, Louisiana on return to leasing company.
      A9C-KG & A9C-KH also passed through Dublin last Saturday morning on same route.