Monday, October 15, 2012


Monday 15th October
C-FTLK    B737-8           Sunwing              TOM1739;1132
EI-EYH    A320             Myanmar Airways      airtest(1148 - 1305)
G-DHLH    B767F            DHL Air              DHK2403 (F/V)
N939UW    B757             US Airways           AWE769(Diversion GLA-PHL)
N41135    B757             United Airlines      UAL17 (Diversion GLA/EWR)

D-CBBB    Citation 560XL   DC Aviation          dep 0617
EI-MED    Citation 550     Aeromedevac          .....
EI-GJL    SA.365 Dauphin   L.Goodman            dep 1045 arr 1800
EI-WFI    Challenger 605   Westair              EFF010 arr 1640
G-CGNP    EMB-500          Flairjet             dep 1820
G-COBS    DA-42 TwinStar   Cobham Aviation      CLB762
G-IPAX    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation     GOJ415A/415B dep 1840
G-JBLZ    Citation 550     247 Jet              dep/arr
G-ZMED    Learjet 35A      Air Medical          MCD081 dep 0938
M-CELT    Falcon 7X        D.Desmond            dep 1648
N10HZ     Falcon 900EX     Hertz Corp           arr 2115
N80HD     BD.100           Harley Davidson      .....
N88HD     BD.100           Harley Davidson      .....
N131AJ    Learjet 35A      Aero-Jet             dep 0045
N213GS    Challenger 601   Gamestop Inc         .....
N332MM    Gulfstream 550   .....                .....
N490QS    Gulfstream 4     Net Jets             arr 1840
N552GA    Gulfstream 550   Amgen Inc            arr 1125

The two diversions from Glasgow were due to a fuel shortage at the Scottish airport! DHL's newest 767F arrived early this morning on the EMA-DUB service.


  1. What is going on US 769 on the Glasgow to Philadelphia flight also appears to be heading to Dublin

  2. N131AJ Learjet 35 was also a fuel diversion from Edinburgh. Air Ambulance from Split (Croatia) to Keflavik.