Monday, May 14, 2012


OO-TFA    B757-28ASF       TNT Airways          TAY31W
TC-JHK    B737-8F2         Turkish Airlines     THY5JA/3TH (1st visit)

CS-DMN    Beech 400XP      Net Jets             .....
CS-DQB    Citation 560XL   Net Jets             dep 0805
CS-DRZ    Hawker 800XPi    Net Jets             NJE928N/830Y (1254/1435)
CS-DXZ    Citation 560XL   Net Jets             dep 0621
EI-MJC    Citation 525B    Munster Jet          .....
EI-WFI    Challenger 605   Westair              EFF010 arr 1740
G-LIVY    Beech 200        Dragonfly Aviation   dep 1140 to Weston
M-LJGI    Falcon 2000EX    L.Goodman            .....
M-YBJK    Gulfstream 550   D.O'Brien            .....
N415QS    Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales            arr 2332
N607CV    Gulfstream 550   Covidien Flight Dpt. arr 1655
N717DX    Gulfstream 450   Corporate Air LLC    arr 2016
N768JW    Falcon 2000      JCE Leasing          arr 1040
N772AV    Gulfstream 4     Transnational Mgmt   .....

Turkish 737s have become rarer at Dublin in recent months as Airbus types are generally now used on the Istanbul route, so it was good to get a 'new' one today - although it had been delivered last November. 
Emirates newest 777 A6-EGP operated the Dubai service for the second day running.  TNT's 757CF OO-TFA arrived last night and is due out around 2215.

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