Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dublin - aircraft storage update - 22/03/2012

In recent weeks a large number of aircraft have been ferried to Dublin for storage & maintenance following the collapse of several airlines - most notably Spanair & Malev.  
I have detailed below each aircraft's location and latest colour scheme as of 18:00 today (Thursday 22nd March).
However, this is a changing scene as aircraft are continually being towed to/from various hangars for attention.


Parking Runway 11/29 (from east to west) 

HA-LOA B737 Malev - full cls
EI-EUO A320 Spanair - new cls
EI-EUC A320 Spanair - old cls
EI-EUF A320 all white
EI-EUB A320 Spanair - Star Alliance cls
EI-EUG A320 Spanair - old cls
OE-IBH A320 Kingfisher - full cls
PH-AAY A320 Amsterdam Airlines - full cls
OE-IBF A320 Kingfisher - full cls
VT-KFC A320 Kingfisher - full cls
EC-HQZ A321 Spanair - old cls
EI-EUL A320 Spanair - new cls
EI-EUW B737 Malev - full cls
EI-EUM A320 Vueling - full cls
VT-KFS A321 Kingfisher - full cls

Stands 101 - 105 North Apron
D-ABUL B767 Condor - no tail logo
EI-EUS A320 Spanair - old cls
EI-EUT A321 Spanair - old cls

Hangar 3 (Eirtech Aviation - painting)
D-ABFM A320 Air Berlin (for Air Corsica)
EI-EUN A320 Vueling titles & yellow engines 
EI-RJJ BAe146 Air France - full cls

Hangar 4
VT-SPH B737 Spicejet


Vueling - full cls

Hangar 5
EI-EEI A320 Avia Nova cls
EI-ETM A320 all white - ex FlyHellas
EI-EUK A320 Vueling - full cls

Cityjet Hangar (west apron)
ZE701 BAe146 Royal Air Force - for re-painting


  1. EI-EUP just moved into Hangar 5 2230 on 22 Mar

  2. Tks Roger and EI-EUK departed @ 22:23 on delivery to Vueling.