Monday, March 1, 2021


Monday 1st March
M-CELT    Falcon 7X           D.Desmond                 M-CELT       0611-0658
N113QS    Global 5000         NJI Sales                 N113QS        dep 1208
N535RV    Hawker 800XP        Reva Air Ambulance        N535RV        dep 1310
N988NC    Gulfstream 650ER    Bank of Utah Trustee      N988NC   0340-0448 F/V
TC-JOG    A330                Turkish Airlines          THY5RZ/5XV          

Sunday, February 28, 2021


Sunday 28th February
C-FGEI    B787-9              Air Canada                ACA7223       dep 1000
CS-DIY    Citation 525B       Air Jet Sul               AJU521        dep 0950
CS-LTI    Citation 680A       Net Jets Europe           NJE808A/093D        
EI-LRE    A321N               Aer Lingus                EIN1KA        dep 1400
G-SHLS    Agusta A109E        ICRR                      HMD92A   1835-1935 F/V
M-YGIG    Gulfstream 650ER    D.O'Brien                 M-YGIG       1547-1647
N113QS    Global 5000         NJI Sales                 N113QS        arr 0335
N45956    B787-9              United Airlines           UAL23/22            
OK-BEE    Beech 400A          Jetbee Czech              JBC629B       dep 1125

The A109 is based at Rathcoole, Co.Cork. It is operated by Sloane Helicopters on behalf of the Irish Community Rapid Responses providing emergency air-ambulance services in the south & west of the country.
The Aer Lingus A321N entered service today on flight EI137 to Boston.

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Saturday 27th February
A7-BBF    B777-2DZLR          Qatar Airways             QTR8854/8855        
C-FGEI    B787-9              Air Canada                ACA7226       arr 0757
EC-MFE    B737-476F           Swiftair                  BCS2882/807P       F/V
EI-DGU    A300F               ASL Airlines              BCS2880/2881        
EI-LRE    A321N               Aer Lingus                EIN990       1025-1054
G-RJXH    EMB-145             Loganair                  LOG840        arr 1623
LX-PCA    PC-24               Jetfly Aviation           JFA79X/90J   0857-0956
N535RV    Hawker 800XP        Reva Air Ambulance        N535RV        arr 0550
N888ZA    Falcon 900EX        Bank of Utah Trsutee      N888ZA    arr 1911 F/V
OK-BEE    Beech 400A          JetBee Czech              JBC629A       arr 1635
TC-JNC    A330                Turkish Airlines          THY5RZ/5XV (retro cls)
The Aer Lingus A321 went for a short air test this morning, this being its first flight since arriving on delivery last December.  The Qatari 777 operated a cargo-only service from Doha. It had previously visited for painting in October 2014.  The Turkish A330 also visited before (in March 2008) and was the first of the type used on their service.

Friday, February 26, 2021


Friday 26th February
C-GLXM    BD.700              Skyservice Business Avn.  C-GLXM    arr 1850 F/V
CS-DIY    Citation 525B       Air Jet Sul               AJU521        arr 2045
G-GDFO    B737-3              Jet2                      EXS031F       dep 1719
G-TTNM    A320N               British Airways           BAW830D/845D       F/V
HA-JEP    Citation 650        Jetstream Air             JSH653        dep 1757
LN-AWC    Learjet 45          Airwing A/S               NWG861        dep 1207
N864AM    Hawker 800XP        AirMed International      N864AM  0202-1030-1201
OE-FOG    Citation 510        Globe Air                 GAC910D       arr 1751

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Thursday 25th February 
CS-LTN    Citation 680A       NetJets Europe            NJE776W/068H 0935-1107
HA-JEP    Citation 650        Jetstream Air             JSH652        arr 2008
LN-AWC    Learjet 45          Airwing A/S               NWG851        arr 1457
N291NV    A320                Allegiant Air             (ex EI-DEB)        F/N
N864AM    Hawker 800XP        AirMed International      N864AM        arr 0845
N13954    B787-9              United Airlines           UAL23/22           F/V
SE-ROT    A320N               SAS                       SAS31B/30H          
TC-LND    A330                Turkish Airlines          THY1AX/3AY         F/V

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Wednesday 24th February 
EC-HUH    A321                Iberia                    IBE34BP/3455        
G-OATR    ATR-72              Aurigny Air Services      AUR108/109          
G-RSXP    Citation 560XL      Catreus AOC               VCG1XP/2XP   0849-1008

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Tuesday 23rd February
D-CFIV    Learjet 35A         Air Alliance              AYY118        dep 1211
D-CHIC    EMB-505             Air Hamburg               AHO236V      1230-1458
D-CONE    Learjet 35A         Air Alliance              AYY105        arr 1008